Analyze this.


Sorry (#notsorry) to mislead you, but this blog will have literally nothing to do with the Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal film from 1999. But don’t accuse me of a bait-and-switch quite yet; you can view the original trailer for Analyze This here.

This blog is actually about the importance of website analytics. Website analytics are those numbers and graphs and all that jazz from the Google, as your granddad might say. But “all that jazz” is an integral aspect of internet marketing. Website analytics allow a developer to create better webpages, better content and an overall better experience for users.

Google Analytics is the most commonly used (and free!) software to capture your website’s digital analytics. Other options include Open Web Analytics and Clicky for standard data monitoring. The setup of for each of these services is minimal (paste a little code into your header and voila!) and their software is well-documented with an effective interface.

For additional website analytics, many other options are right at your fingerprints. For example, Crazy Egg provides heatmapping to track user mouse movements and clicks and Optimizely specializes in A/B testing that helps find the rights tweaks your landing pages needs. For whatever data you want on your site, you can likely find a company that is able to track it.